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Can You Get Your Period and Still be Pregnant

Pregnant women in some instances might undergo this issue, however it causes distress, thus, ladies ask this issue is it possible to be pregnant but still get your time? In some instances, the pregnant woman might experience bleeding or spotting, however it is definitely advisable to talk

Sleep Aids for when You Have a Cold

How About Chicken Soup? Anyone who has ever had a cold knows that besides the overall misery during the day, what happens at night may be much worse. Full sinuses, a runny nose and the inability to breathe, all combine to make a cold sufferer miserable. So,

Psoriasis is an Auto Immune Disease 

Psoriasis is an ugly skin disorder that affects approximately 2-3% of the people in the United States. People who have it usually end up with patches of skin that are raised and red along with silvery scales. The skin looks like that because the cells are growing at

Cut Your Cancer Risk Upto 30% with Simple Tips

We all feel scary just with the name of cancer, I am sure you would ready to do everything to avoid this deadly disease but I am here with simple daily routine tips that amazingly reduce the risk of cancer in your life upto 30%. It is

How to Find the Perfect Rehab Centre for Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is not any natural occurring disease or disorder. It is purely artificial and induced by the choices a man makes during his lifetime. It is also possible to reverse it with the help of drug rehabilitation centres. Drug rehabilitation takes time, but with the right