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Himalaya Pilex: Effective Remedy to Treat Piles

If you feel pain while passing out fecal matter, if you experience bleeding from the anus or if you have difficulty in bowel movements, you might be suffering from piles. Also known as Hemorrhoids, this medical condition is caused due to swollen blood vessels in the rectum.

Sleep Aids for when You Have a Cold

How About Chicken Soup? Anyone who has ever had a cold knows that besides the overall misery during the day, what happens at night may be much worse. Full sinuses, a runny nose and the inability to breathe, all combine to make a cold sufferer miserable. So,

Gutsy Chewy – The Natural Indigestion Remedy

Recent studies have shown that common treatments for symptoms such as Indigestion, Heartburn, Reflux, Nausea and Stomach Pain have negative side-affects such as infectious diarrhea, chronic headaches and over time can lead to Calcium and Magnesium deficiency and even pneumonia. Dr. Doug Haghighi (a Cleveland Clinic trained

Reducing the Chemical Use in Public Pools

There’s no doubt about the fact that public pools are absolutely saturated with chemicals these days, and they have been for a long time. Chlorine is still one of the most common chemicals used in public pools. It is often delivered in the form of chlorinating agents