Can You Get Your Period and Still be Pregnant

Pregnant women in some instances might undergo this issue, however it causes distress, thus, ladies ask this issue is it possible to be pregnant but still get your time? In some instances, the pregnant woman might experience bleeding or spotting, however it is definitely advisable to talk about your experience with your doctor.

Bleeding in Pregnancy:

You’ve regular monthly menstrual period in this instance and if you should be attempting to consider, you’ll unlikely to conceive. You have to think about the situation that you might experience spotting or release during pregnancy although not regular monthly intervals.


Bleeding during Implantation:

Implantation bleeding having a light period confused several girls. It appears true particularly when you’ve light menstrual cycles or an abnormal interval. Like premenstrual syndrome, bloating and a few signs are about the other hand implantation discharge might have the exact same type of signs like light cramping too. The implantation bleeding isn’t such as the brief regular period, however it occurs when fertilized egg mounted on the liner of the womb throughout the stage of pregnancy. Since uterine lining includes blood this method leads to light bleeding. You have to bear in mind spotting may happen before you anticipate your monthly intervals and these types of signs are associated with early pregnancy. Then you need to contact your doctor if you have these kinds of signs. Read more .

These girls who go through the issue of major or cramping bleeding during pregnancy, they should contact their doctor. Then it’s an indication that there might be an issue, which means you have to contact your gynecologist if you have spotting or large release of red color. There are numerous issues related to discomfort and bleeding for example molar pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. In ectopic pregnancy an egg exists in the region apart from womb during molar pregnancy; no fetal tissue exists so you may encounter cramping or discomfort with bleeding. Another situation associated with discomfort and bleeding may be the miscarriage, which means you have to consult your physician as soon as possible.

Can you receive your time but still be pregnant

Internationally renowned gynecologist answers the issue, and he suggests that developing baby needs body and vitamins from mother womb. Once the egg is fertilized it attaches itself towards the coating of the womb which results in a variety of circumstances in red or brown spotting. And when the egg isn’t fertilized then it’s launched with coating throughout the menstrual period. So it’s impossible you then pregnant in the same time and get during since womb lining may be the house of developing the embryo. In an incident of ectopic pregnancies, the egg isn’t properly mounted on womb lining, plus it leads to times. It’s possible once the embryo isn’t attached to the liner of the womb to obtain your times.


Based on the physicians, you CAn’t conceive, but still, you’ve times in the same time. It’s difficult in larger instances; nevertheless girls might encounter bleeding just on rare occasions. Article Source: